“Follow the Sun” wedding

After six months of detailed preparation and meetings on the territory of Montenegro and Russia, it finally happened!

The weather was just wonderful, despite the end of September. It is not getting so hot anymore, and rains are still rare. The sunsets at this time are the most beautiful, and the chosen wedding motto “Follow the Sun” was the best fit for this warm day.

The morning for the bride and groom and their friends began in the pool and the sea, accompanied by dancing and sparkling (as befits such a festive morning).

The morning was held in a leisurely atmosphere to feel and enjoy this day with family and friends.

By sunset and the time of the ceremony, everyone was in a great mood and not a drop of fatigue.

At the ceremony, guests were greeted by the groom, host and service with drinks and snacks.

By the sounds of a string quartet, the bride appeared, and the most important event of the day began – the wedding ceremony.

After exchanging vows and rings, the guests congratulated the newlyweds and went to the restaurant for a party, where everyone was expected by a surprise – a famous music band from Russia, and then a surprise from the groom for the bride – her favorite music group flew to Montenegro to congratulate them on their Wedding Day.

It was very romantic and fun, everyone danced, including the staff!

Photo: Katya Romanova